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Founded in 1989 in the US, Madison Technical Software is now part of Greentree Technical Services, Chester, UK. Greentree Technical Services offers chemical engineering consultancy in Europe and USA. For details on Greentree Technical Services see

NEW – AQ Solutions – Aqueous Solutions Properties Software

Now Available – AQ Solutions the most comprehensive database software available for aqueous solutions

This is a great companpion to our Chempak Plus software

  • All solution properties available from 0 to 100 C and from zero concentration to solubility limit
  • Over 165 different solutes available
  • Density, Viscosity, Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity, Enthalpy, Entropy and Solubility
  • Powerful routine to formulate mixtures of solutions giving the user the ability to define multi solute solutions
  • Units can be any combination of US and Metric and four types of concentration unitsConversion routines between the different concentration units


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