AQ Solutions



AQ Solutions – Aqueous Solutions Properties Software

Now Available – AQ Solutions the most comprehensive database software for aqueous solutions

This is a great companion to our Chempak Plus software

The AQ Solutions has the following features

  • All solution properties available from 0 to 100 C
  • All solutions available from zero concentration to beyond the solubility limit
  • Over 165 different solutes available
  • Density, Expansion Coefficient, Viscosity, Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity, Enthalpy and Entropy
  • Solubility limit for all solutions versus temperature
  • Powerful routine to formulate mixtures of solutions giving the user the ability to define multi solute solutions
  • Units can be any combination of US and Metric
  • Concentration can be defined as mass fraction, mole fraction, molarity and molality
  • Conversion routines between the different concentration units


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