Delta T ERS



Delta T ERS – Emergency Relief Systems

Delta T ERS provides a design package for sizing safety valves and rupture disks for process applications at very competitive cost. Delta T ERS comes with a copy of the Chempak Plus software and links automatically to the Chempak database. Check the Chempak Plus product description for details.

Main features of the Delta T ERS software are:

  • Full specification by user of vessel dimensions, vessel insulation, vessel fluid, relief pressures and design pressure. All physical properties are computed automatically
  • Four design cases are available: Fire Engulfment, Tempered Exotherm, Tempered Exotherm with Gas Evolution and Untempered Gassy Runaway
  • Sizing methods are per API 520, DIERS Project Manual and Leung papers
  • Regime prediction facility gives vapor-only versus two-phase recommendation
  • User can select pre-loaded standard vessel/jacket configurations
  • Vent piping detail can be specified by user including separate specification of Branch, Header and Vent Stack (ex Dump Tank) componentsBatch Reactor 2x
  • For safety valves, preliminary design is given in terms of effective discharge coefficient, effective valve flow area and computed back pressure. This preliminary design can then be upgraded to final design by selection of actual flow area for selected valve and recalculation of actual back pressure.
  • For rupture disks, design is checked for capacity and back pressure. The maximum capacity of the vent system can be computed and the location and flow rate of the limiting choke calculated and displayed including the system pressure profile at maximum capacity
  • For both safety valves and rupture disks, the software produces industry-standard datasheets for procurement.
  • Computed data can be uploaded to the datasheets and specific data can be entered by user
  • User can select any combination of US or Metric units
  • Job save, recall and print features
  • On line help and full operating and reference manual.


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