Delta T Reactor



Delta T Reactor is the industry-standard software package for the thermal analysis of process vessels and reactors. Delta T Reactor comes with a full array of technical features and a large physical properties database.

Main features of the Delta T Reactor vessel heat transfer module are:

  • Specification of vessel dimensions, fluid contents
  • Selection of agitator type, specification of agitator dimensions, speed
  • Selection of jacket type, specification of dimensions, configuration, flowrates
  • Specification of internal coil dimensions, flowrate
  • User can select pre-loaded standard vessel/jacket configurationsBatch Reactor 2x
  • User-selection of vessel and jacket fluids
  • Detailed output of heat transfer coefficients and heat transfer rates
  • Calculation of absorbed agitator power
  • Heat transfer performance versus time
  • Cool-down and heat-up times
  • Constant-temperature, temperature-tracking and limited-heat-transfer regimes
  • User can toggle between US and Metric units
  • Job recall, save and print routines
  • Graphical output of temperature history

Main features of the Delta T Reactor physical properties module are:

  • Provides all physical properties required by vessel heat transfer module
  • Thermodynamic and transport properties of over 600 compounds
  • Critical properties, boiling and melting points
  • Vapor pressure, specific volume, specific heats, enthalpy, entropy, latent heat, viscosity, conductivity, surface tension
  • Property values for vapor and liquid phases versus temperature and pressure
  • Properties can be ranged and graphed against temperature or pressure
  • Calculation of adiabatic flash, isentropic and non-isentropic processes
    User-defined liquids
  • User-defined mixtures
  • Any combination of US or Metric units may be used


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